Variable Voltage Key Chain Vape Battery


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Vape cartridge hidden and protected inside the battery. Looks and works just like a flip out key chain.

Integrated USB Charging cable.

Variable Voltage: 3 separate settings

Perfect for your pocket and great for getting into concerts or events.

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Vape Battery Instructions

Push main button to flip out the vape cartridge.

Charge using integrated USB cable into any standard USB port.

Can be used with any standard 510 threaded vape cartridge.

Press button quickly 5 times to toggle the on/off lock so it doesn’t heat up in your luggage or pocket.

Press button 3 times quickly to change voltage setting.  Burnt taste? Turn down.  Not a big enough cloud? Turn up.

Hold down button for a few seconds to preheat oil and slowly inhale through mouthpiece. Release button when done.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Variable Voltage Key Chain Vape Battery

  1. LiveinaVan

    Got as a gift. Just a bit snug for my cartridge so it was hard to flip out for the first few days but after some use it flips out with a push of the button. Just had to use my finger to help it out the first few times.

  2. Doug_Livingston

    My standard cartridge sticks just a little bit when you flip it out but it works great and easy to carry into concerts. Love it!

  3. Jack420

    Love this battery, so easy to use and discrete as all hell.

  4. Mike713

    Bought one from a store @ Pueblo, Co.
    Used it for a week and now for some reason my carts don’t go back down. It stays in the ready position. Anyway to fix this problem?

    • Craig

      Hi Mike, please reach out to [email protected] and we can address your issue. Sounds like the locking mechanism may have failed. We haven’t seen this particular issue yet.

  5. Charlie D

    ???????? My new fav! ????

  6. Vanna


  7. JackM

    Love this battery. It’s my go to now. Slides well in my pocket and I can just leave it there all day when camping.

  8. Oliver Horsey

    This is the soonest battery I’ve ever used, and the perfect present for a stoner buddy. I really love the product.

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