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Our favorite battery! Variable voltage from 3.3 to 8.0V. Too small a hit? Dial it up. Tastes a little burnt? Dial it down. Can be used with any standard 510 threaded vape cartridge.

Cartridge pictured is NOT included, just the battery.


Charge using included USB charger into any standard USB port.

Press button quickly 5 times to toggle the on/off travel lock so it doesn’t heat up in your luggage or pocket.

Hold down button for a few seconds to preheat oil and then suck on mouthpiece. Release button when done.

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The variable voltage stick battery is sold in our Starter Packs, sold as a stand alone item in dispensaries, or sold through our webstore.  Your battery may be locked out when you first get it.  Press the button 5 times quickly to toggle the lock on and off.  This is a safety feature for traveling.  Below are detailed instructions for use:

To Charge

When you first plug it in, the battery will go through a start up sequence that lasts about 20 seconds and has a lot of crazy lights:

  • Light will be solid green for a few seconds.
  • White light on battery flashes 3 times while solid green light is on.
  • White light flashes 20 times.
  • Solid green light changes to solid red light for a few seconds.
  • Then battery then goes into the “while charging” phase

While Charging

  • Solid red light means the battery is charging.
  • Alternating red and green flashing lights means it is very close to a full charge.
  • Solid green light on the charger means it is fully charged.

When you unplug it

  • 4 flashing lights on the battery means it is fully charged
  • 6 flashing lights means it is not fully charged but will still work.

To Use

  • Screw onto any standard 510 threaded vape cartridge.  We recommend Lucky Turtle branded cartridges (obviously!).  We cannot guarantee functionality with other branded cartridges. Our battery should work will all cartridges but due to poor reliability of some other manufacturers hardware, the cartridge may not work on any battery you try.
  • If using a non-Lucky turtle cartridge, make sure to check the cartridge for leaks, especially on the inside where the threads are located, and for any signs of oil residue. Leaking cartridges are the #1 reason for shorting out a battery which will cause permanent battery failure.
  • Change the battery setting using the dial at the bottom.
  • We recommend starting at the lowest setting for our vapes.  However, personal experiences vary.  Basically, if your hit is too small then increase the voltage.  If the hit tastes burnt or you want a smaller hit, turn it down.
  • Start with the mouthpiece pointed up.  Hold the button for 2-3 seconds to preheat the oil.  This will help it flow into the heating coil when you take your hit.  Continue holding down the button and draw in through the mouthpiece to get your hit.

Safety Interlocks

  • If you hold the button down for 10 seconds, it will lock out the battery to prevent overheating.
  • 5 quick presses of the button will toggle the travel lock. Use this to prevent accidental discharge when in your pocket, luggage, or camelback.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Lucky Turtle Variable Voltage Battery

  1. Jake

    This is a great battery!

  2. John Ferraro

    I’ve bought a few now for gifts for friends. Solid battery for the price. Def recommend it.

  3. Lucy B

    Works great with my Lucky Turtle cartridge

  4. Tanner Coleman

    I bought a Lucky Turtle cartridge from Igadi in Lafayette. My Open Vape battery stopped working. You guys answered my questions within 10 minutes and directed me here. I had no idea you even sold these things online. Pairs with my cartridge and I’ve been using it for months without any issues at all. Charges in about 30 minutes for me. Thx for the great customer service!

  5. Happy Customer

    Battery wouldn’t light up when I plugged it in.

    Update 5/25: Moved rating up to 4 stars. Very happy for the customer support on this. Thank you, Lucky Turtle! Craig troubleshot with me and replaced battery quickly when nothing worked. New battery is perfect and works great! Only lost a day which is a bummer but you guys have a happy customer and I’m telling everyone to buy thier batteries here. Good quality for the price.

  6. Susan Carr

    I bought mine today in a starter pack with an Indica dominant cartridge. Great price! So easy to use and I really like the variable voltage. Five fast clicks and it’s on. Five fast clicks and it’s off. Nice and safe. Also like that it’s not proprietary as some of the other vape batteries that you can only use the cartridges that fit their’s and are also not refillable. So in addition to the Indica cartridge that came in the starter pack, I bought the 25:1 CBD:THC for day time use. I got a nice relaxed feeling right away and felt my pain drift away. Even the 100 degree temp outside today didn’t seem so bad. Gave me a general sense of well being. Big smile on my face. Great product!

  7. Jerry Garcia

    How the hell do you sell this so cheap??? Feels great and way better than the freebies I’ve picked up from other vendors (I’m a budtender and have a crap ton of buttonless batteries). This is now my favorite pen!

  8. Charlie222

    I never write reviews but this battery deserves it. I bought it at a dispensary in Denver for $25 (should’ve bought here ????‍♂️) and it’s been over a year. I burn through about 2-3 cartridges every week. I’ve tried a lot of batteries from free ones handed out by O.pen to $100 ones claiming to be the best. This one is easy to use, durable, feels heavy, not cheap at all, and has outlasted all my others. Nice job on this LT. I love you guys and love all your products. Keep up the great work! ???? ???? ❤️

  9. Lily

    Does not work. Will click or hold down the on/light button. Button will click 15 times then nothing happens.

    • Craig

      Hi Lily. We added more detailed instructions on the product description in response to your comment. The best test is to charge overnight, remove any cartridge, unplug it, and press the button. If you get no light then it is likely in travel lock. The repeat flashing lights is part of the start up sequence.

  10. Clark
    I delight in, lead to I discovered exactly
    what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  11. Dustin J Dimmick

    Works amazingly well… And lasts a long time..

  12. vape pen

    This is phenomenal! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

  13. Ayla
    (verified owner)

    Love this so much! Can you give an idea of when you’ll have more in stock?? I just moved and misplaced mine.

    • Craig Mays

      Hi Ayla. These should be back in stock by the middle of October.

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